we have over a 90% success rate of placing students at the Boston exam schools


We have over a 90% success rate of placing students at the Boston exam schools. Students work with our staff one-on-one for close to a year to master the content on the ISEE, the exam used for admission to the exam and independent schools. We have developed our own curriculum to teach the test material, and we help students build skills to succeed in their new schools. Without these services, many students have few options for a quality education in Boston.

The ISEE test is a very challenging test, and much of the material is well beyond grade level. Students are expected to know a fair amount of algebra and geometry, solve problems involving statistics and probability, metric unit conversions, and some very complicated and tricky word problems. Students must also have very advanced vocabulary skills (they are expected to know words such as recalcitrant and nefarious) and have very advanced reading comprehension skills. Most students need at least a year to prepare for the challenges of the test.

We have customized, proprietary math lessons that we have developed over the years to teach the math concepts contained on the test. The math curriculum is comprised of 32 lessons that are meant to be taught in a minimum of one hour increments over the course of approximately 9-12 months. When we factor in school and summer vacation weeks and time for review, the program takes about 12 months to complete effectively. Often when we work with students with weaker math skills we need to slow down and review some foundational math skills from elementary school (multiplication tables, long division fractions, decimals, percentages, etc.).

For the verbal sections of the test we start every lesson with a vocabulary lesson. We have proprietary vocabulary lessons that teach students new words using Latin and Greek roots. The roots give students tools to pick apart more words than they could learn on their own.

We also teach test taking techniques for synonyms, sentence completions and reading comprehension. The test is timed, and we work on pacing and timing.

The nice thing about the program is that the work we do is education for education’s sake, with an eye towards doing well on the test. Students not only succeed on the test, they build skills in math, vocabulary, reading comprehension and writing. These skills help them to be successful in school, and build a solid foundation at an exam or independent school.

For students applying to independent schools we offer one-on-one, personalized admission consulting services with Ms. Anne and her staff. Students meet individually with an admissions consultant weekly for 6 months to work on school research, resume development, mock interview preparation, and assistance with applications and essays. Support is also provided to parents with their interview preparation, applications and essays, and financial aid applications.

The process is highly personalized and customized to each student and family’s unique needs. The individual attention insures a high success rate as we partner with the student and the family throughout the process.

Students accepted to the LEI program undergo a screening process to determine if they are good candidates for the program. The screening process involves an application, interview, practice test, teacher recommendations, review of transcripts and standardized test scores, and a meeting with the adult mentor in the student’s life to make sure that they are committed to the program and the process. Our goal is to make sure that when students are admitted to the program they have a high probability of being successful in gaining admission to an exam or independent school.