high school student being tutored for exams

About Us

Lighthouse Education, Inc. (LEI) was formed as a non-profit in 2019 to aid disadvantaged students in the Boston area in gaining admission to the Boston exam schools and independent schools. This mission has grown out of the work we have done at Boston Tutoring Center over the past 16 years. We have placed hundreds of students at exam and independent schools by assisting them with entrance exam test preparation, admission consulting services for interview preparation, and assistance with applications and essays.

Many bright and hardworking students face a barrier when applying to exam and independent schools - their families do not have the resources to invest in test preparation for the entrance exam. In a system where disadvantaged students are competing against students from affluent families, it is almost impossible for these students to be able to perform at the same level as their peers who have benefitted from months of test prep.

The formula for admission to the Boston exam schools is half grades and half test scores. It is strictly a numbers game; no other factors are used in determining admission to the exam schools. Students without the benefit of test preparation are at a distinct disadvantage in this process.

The Boston Globe has written a number of articles on this issue over the past few years, and Ms. Anne has been quoted in one of these articles (see links below):

Over the years we have worked successfully with a number of families facing many challenges (recent immigrants with limited English proficiency, single parent households, families living in poverty, etc.) to place students at schools such as Boston Latin, Roxbury Latin, Belmont Hill, Winsor, Milton Academy, among many other schools.

One of our recent success stories is with “E”. He came to us from a single parent household in Hyde Park. His mother emigrated from Vietnam, and is working as a nurse to support her three children. We helped “E” gain admission to Roxbury Latin School, and when he returned to thank us he said: “Now I will be able to take care of my mother someday.” How many 12 year old boys are thinking about caring for their mother in her old age? The work we have done with these families over the years has always been at our own expense, but we recognize the opportunity to serve even more students like “E”.

We would like to be able to assist more students like “E” to transform their lives and their families with access to a high quality education.